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Author: Mike: shaman_x
Fandom: X-men / X-men 2
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "How do you respond to pressure?"
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/195612.html
Notes: *loves on it*

Author: Sam Flynn: hisfathers_son
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Community: N/A
Prompt: "Shelter"
Link: http://hisfathers-son.livejournal.com/4708.html
Notes: Because it is worth reading.

Author: Sam Flynn: 89nkomhaxxor10
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Community: N/A
Prompt: "Valentine's Day"
Link: http://89nkomhaxxor10.livejournal.com/1951.html
Notes: This was... kind of adorable?

Author: Tony Stark: im_ironman
Fandom: Iron Man
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "What is it that you like about yourself?"
Link: http://im-ironman.livejournal.com/54687.html
Notes: I love the capture of layers to Tony - the bright surface, the complicated, stubborn, broken inside. And holding on against despair.

Author: Clu: sys_operator
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Community: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Link: http://sys-operator.livejournal.com/2082.html
Notes: Crack-fluff with the general direction of a hottish PG-13 and Clu making chocolate mousse. And chocolate lava cake.

Characters: Ram (religiousnut), Rinzler (double_discs).
Fandom(s), if any: Tron / Tron: Legacy
Community, if any: sixwordstories
Premise: AU, where Ram has been recompiled by his creator as a part of the Flynn Lives movement.
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/sixwordstories/55171733.html?thread=1645061013#t1645061013
Notes: Spolery for Tron: Legacy. AU. Adorable and very angsty.
Author: Mike: shaman_x
Fandom: X-men / X-men 2
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "IOU"
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/188180.html
Notes: Fire is life...

Author: Nathan Walalce: livingoutalie
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Barren"
Link: http://livingoutalie.livejournal.com/46254.html
Notes: Gut-wrenching?

Author: Dale Yardley: hockey_god
Fandom: Original character
Community: N/A
Prompt: "It Gets Better."
Link: http://hockey-god.livejournal.com/1564.html
Notes: Written for Spirit Day. Because even if it's not their thing to talk about feelings, guys still can stick up with each other.

Author: Eve: darkening_sky
Fandom: Original Character (Some traces of Human Target)
Community: N/A
Prompt: "Nine Times Eve Almost Died (And One She Didn't, Maybe)"
Link: http://darkening-sky.livejournal.com/4375.html
Notes: Warning: violence, pregnancy loss, and way, way too many close calls.

Author: Alan Bradley (fic written as Tron): legacyguardian
Fandom: Tron/Tron: Legacy
Community: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Link: http://legacyguardian.livejournal.com/791.html
Notes: Spoilers for Tron: Legacy and Tron: The Betrayal.


Author: Mike: shaman_x
Fandom: X-men / X-men 2
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Get out"
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/187625.html
Notes: It still makes sense. >.>

Author: The Sorcerer: oldestbeloved
Fandom: Original Character
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "How do you respond to pressure?"
Link: http://oldestbeloved.livejournal.com/227987.html
Notes: Making things right... ish. How else?

Author: Uther Pendragon: weightofacrown
Fandom: Merlin
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Barren"
Link: http://weightofacrown.livejournal.com/14661.html
Notes: Time and again, these pieces make want to try to watch the series again.

Author: Dale Yardley: hockey_god
Fandom: Original character
Community: Mundane bingo
Prompt: "Waiting for the bus"
Link: http://hockey-god.livejournal.com/1180.html
Notes: Yeah, sometimes it's irritating when you're not believed. Really.

Author: Severus Snape: the_iscariot
Fandom: Harry Potter
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Planes, trains, automobiles - what mode(s) of transport do you prefer and why?"
Link: http://the-iscariot.livejournal.com/48736.html
Notes: We are what we are.

Author: Lt. Col. Franklin Clay: manofclay
Fandom: The Losers
Community: N/A
Prompt: "Ficlet of Clay with Jensen's niece"
Link: http://manofclay.livejournal.com/6042.html?thread=36506#t36506
Notes: So... calling Aisha "Aunt Aisha" might not have been the most brilliant idea ever...

Doctor Who recs

I'll start with the muse rec:

Muse: 5th_doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Why I recommend this muse: I never really got that excited about the Fifth Doctor. He'll always be Tristan to me, his companions aren't that interesting and his stories aren't that interesting. But, everything 5th_doctor writes is always really interesting and I always enjoy reading them. And they're always perfectly in character for all the characters involved - the writer just makes them all much more interesting to me. And they write great comedy too.

Rather than rec my favourites of theirs because I'm just too tired and I've probably recced everything by now anyway, I'll just include two on the normal list.

Author: 5th_doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: "Hearing a voice that only you can hear" and "Write a scene in the style of a famous author"
Link: http://5th-doctor.livejournal.com/20682.html
Notes: It's a story that's utterly believable as something that could have happened to the Fifth Doctor. Which is reason enough to rec it, but also, it's written in the style of Dr Seuss - it all rhymes and everything!

Author: forever_noble
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: "Occasions when it wasn't aliens"
Link: http://forever-noble.livejournal.com/13001.html
Notes: It's both funny and true

Author: rude_not_ginger
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Get out"
Link: http://rude-not-ginger.livejournal.com/300026.html
Notes: It's really interesting to see the story behind why Elizabeth I is so annoyed with the Doctor

Author: eleventh_doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Get out"
Link: http://eleventh-doctor.livejournal.com/82997.html
Notes: Because Lady!Eleven and Amelia are great together

Author: 5th_doctor and dominie
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: "Five summers"
Link: http://5th-doctor.livejournal.com/19427.html and http://time-lord-seven.livejournal.com/3989.html
Notes: These are the same five summers that happened to the first Five Doctors, told from the perspective of the Fifth and Seventh Doctors. It's really interesting to see how their perspectives on the events differ. And there's Steven and Dodo in there.

Just a couple of recs

Author: veryverylast
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: lightyearsahead
Prompt: You just found an android's head. Still activated and still speaking, at that. It would really like to be attached to its body again. Help it out.
Link: http://11tee.livejournal.com/589.html
Notes: This writer always has a great way of dragging you into a story and moving you along. She has an amazing knack with dialog, too, which is really important when playing a Doctor.

Author: forever_noble
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Write a story in no more than 140 characters.
Link: http://forever-noble.livejournal.com/13390.html
Notes: Her Donna is always amazing, but this is probably the best mini-fic I've read in a long time. You can imagine the entire backstory that went with it without having to read it.

TGIF + Rec a Muse

Author: Mike: shaman_x
Fandom: X-men / X-men 2
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home"
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/186559.html
Notes: Creepy utopian future is a go!

Author: Nathan Wallace: livingoutalie
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Interruption"
Link: http://livingoutalie.livejournal.com/45813.html
Notes: Warning: Graphic character death and (I guess?) spoilers for the later part of the movie. Gzuh, oh the pain.

Author: Uther Pendragon: weightofacrown
Fandom: Merlin
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "Are you well organized?"
Link: http://weightofacrown.livejournal.com/13624.html
Notes: Warning: Spoilers for Merlin season 3 (as I am not caught up with season 1 fully, I'm taking the writer's word for it!)

Rec a muse!
(Wow, Kiki actually doing a special...)

Muse: Pogue Parry (lieutenantwitch)
Fandom: The Covenant
Why I recommend this muse: The Covenant is, truth be told, a rather crappy young-adult horror wannabe movie with rather pleasing visuals. (Okay, take your minds out of the gutter. ... or don't. It has both varieties.) But somehow, the film featured a few characters who are very good for writing, playing with, and reading.
This Pogue takes all the elements that are in the canon - the power, the position of second-in-command, the loyalty, the fiery-ness, the way the character bonds the group together, the conflicts, and the beauty, and turns them into coherent, lovely reading and interaction.

Prompt responses I recommend from this muse (sort of arranged by time, except they are not necessarily in the same 'verse/timeline):
Link: Boys of Summer
Prompt: N/A
Notes: Warning: Sexual content. This is quite possibly my most re-read fanfic. Pre-canon, Pogue/Reid.

Link: Hurt.
Prompt: libraryofwinds: Threat
Notes: 'Deleted scene', i.e. Chase and Pogue after the Ducati was totalled. Warning: Violence

Link: How things are...
Prompt: libraryofwinds: Kiss
Notes: One golden moment of being together before it falls apart. Pogue and Kate.

Link: Coming to terms.
Prompt: libraryofwinds: Want
Notes: There are things one has always felt, and yet they are completely different when the come to be admitted. And it is a growing process.

Link: Counting down the seconds...
Prompt: libraryofwinds: Where
Notes: Pogue's ascension.

Link: All for one...
Prompt: lover100: Sanctuary
Notes: Pogue finally faces down Caleb about things that need to be talked about. Even though it hurts. Warning: some violence.

Link: Vision of the future.
Prompt: justprompts: Wedding rings
Notes: Pogue/Caleb, happy future.

Link: Scared
Prompt: libraryofwinds: Worry
Notes: Pogue and Caleb, unhappy future


My recs are more going to be collective groups of people, because they go together like peas and carrots, and all that. Seriously, I am honoured to read what these muns and their muses produce, and they never fail to give me the warm and fuzzies.

Author: geniuscowboy, cutandlearn, imheretolive, chargenursetuck & 1twntyovreighty (and associated OCs in their verse)
Fandom: Miami Medical
Community: Personal journals and various comms
Prompt: An RP log HERE, follows episode 1x11, when Chris learns his brother has cancer. This is just one of many amazing prompts posted to these muse journals.
Notes: Miami Medical was a short-lived medical drama on CBS, before the network tragically cancelled it. These muns have nabbed the character's voices and the muses wonderfully have kept the essence of the show alive. And what can I say? The Dr C/Dr Warren ship has me 100% hooked. It's fantastic to write with you guys, but you know that goes without saying ;)

Author: All listed HERE
Fandom: X-Men & Marvel (post-movie trilogy / comic verse)
Community: noiredeluxure
Prompt: Thinking with the wrong head @ just_muse_me
Notes: For a variety of reasons, I'm just in love with this whole X-Men verse. I don't write in it but I follow it religiously and I just love how the writers bring these characters to life. There is a a great mix of humour and seriousness, shipping and non-shipping. Exactly what I believe the characters could be so many years post the movie trilogy.

Author: obscuritenoire, histhornedrose, gr8muppetyodin, actuallybye & naysowee
Fandom: Vampire: The Masquerade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a hint of Supernatural (but only if you squint)
Community: Personal journals, and mostly sixwordstories, musebysentence & just_muse_me
Prompt: Accent @ just_muse_me
Link: HERE
Notes: These characters write a new crossover verse together called Tender Trap. As a long time fan of The Masquerade, this makes me squee like a happy fangirl. I don't know the BtVS fandom at all, but this just works. A vampire slayer falling for a vampire prince (and vice versa) is a plot that just had me hooked from the get-go. Mix into this a cute and amusing Scottish Hunter and a slightly clueless slayer sidekick, and it has an intriguing mix of the dark and mysterious intrigue of a vampire world as well as humour to keep the verse balanced.

It's Mod Post MJ!

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these! Sorry for being such an absent mod this summer! Things have been crazy on my end!

Anyway, it's time for a special week! For the first time in an age! It's Rec A Muse week! Like with previous times we've done rec-a-muse, you can rec up to ten (10) of your favorite muse's work! Everyone's looking for fun and interesting people to read, pick someone you love!

If you've never recc'd before, this is an excellent time to start! But, as always, special week is opt-in, and you're welcome to just rec your favorite stories or just read along!

If you want the coding for the standard rec format, it's right here:

And let the people you rec'd know you love their work by sharing this:


Author: Mike: shaman_x
Fandom: X-men / X-men 2
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "If you, as a child, could see yourself now, what do you think you would say?"
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/183857.html
Notes: !!!

Author: Chuck Shurley: shark_jumper
Fandom: Supernatural
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: "For Sale"
Link: http://shark-jumper.livejournal.com/4944.html
Notes: Spoilers for Supernatural season 5. And love on the laughs!

Author: Dale Yardley: hockey_god
Fandom: Original character
Community: justprompts
Prompt: "What was the worst day of your life?"
Link: http://hockey-god.livejournal.com/779.html
Notes: Warning: Character death aftermath.

Author: Grace Browning-Winchester: freakytwinthing
Fandom: Supernatural + crack
Community: justprompts
Prompt: "Graveyard"
Link: http://freakytwinthing.livejournal.com/23903.html
Notes: Because some things should NOT be done in a white dress. It happens anyway.

It's Fic Rec Friday!

Author: samfeasor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Link: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=37556
Notes: An absolutely beautiful Rory-centric story. The characterization for him in this is absolutely spot-on, and this is one of those stories I can read over and over again and continue to get the warm fuzzies for. A must-read for anyone in the Who fandom, in my opinion.
Warning: Contains spoilers to 5.13 'The Big Bang'

Author: welldidyounever
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: eleventy_kink
Prompt: River/Amy/Doctor, Amy uses River's diary
Link: http://welldidyounever.livejournal.com/644.html
Notes: Yes, it's a PWP story. No, I don't care. I think this is absolutely hilarious, totally in-character, and absolutely fantastic. I've been waiting for the author to de-anon and post it somewhere, because I'd rec this any day. Write more!
Warning: Explicit sexuality.

Author: best_served_hot
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: N/A
Prompt: N/A
Link: http://best-served-hot.livejournal.com/12472.html
Notes: A wonderful AU story (and I'm not just saying it because it's part of our RP). This is very tightly written and perfectly put together. Brief, but I believe if it was even one word longer it wouldn't hold the tension in as beautifully as it does. Bravo!

Author: sarahs_attic
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Sun
Link: http://sarahs-attic.livejournal.com/80257.html
Notes: I genuinely enjoy it when people take a storyline from an episode and figure out where their offscreen character might've been. This is a lovely take on Sarah during 'The Big Bang', and I love it!
Warning: Contains spoilers for 5.13 'The Big Bang'

Author: forever_noble
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Being sold as a sex slave
Link: http://forever-noble.livejournal.com/13104.html
Notes: This is the kind of prompt, and the kind of story, that can go really, really wrong if not written correctly. This is! It's very serious where it needs to be serious, but very DoctorDonna funny where it should be. I love it! One of my favs!

Author: tm_aurora
Fandom: X-Men
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: What makes you cry?
Link: http://tm-aurora.livejournal.com/48950.html
Notes: All of the stories at the end of this plot have been awesome, but this one is my favorite. It's literally the little things in life, and in this story, that bring the tears, and I think this is fantastic. Bravo!

Author: a_pretty_fire
Fandom: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Ten trips still to be taken
Link: http://a-pretty-fire.livejournal.com/16486.html
Notes: Yes, I'm a little partial to this one because my muse is featured. But even if he wasn't, this is an absolutely excellent story. Drusilla's characterization by this writer is always spectacular, and she manages to weave her into a new world with apparent ease, making every odd situation seem like something that just fits with her. I adore this story.