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It's Fic Rec ... um, Sunday!

Sorry for the long delay, guys. DOS hackers had me for a while, there!

Author: handysparehand
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Imprisoned in a small cell
Link: http://handysparehand.livejournal.com/31221.html
Notes: This whole story is awesome! The concept, the everything! Bravo!

Author: shaman_x
Fandom: X-Men
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: Talk abouta news item
Link: http://shaman-x.livejournal.com/169635.html
Notes: I don't know anything about the deceased character in this story, but I love the way the story is worded, I love the flow and the feel of the character. The interactions with others works perfectly and ugsobous I just love this.

Author: seraphsariel
Fandom: OC
Community: writers_muses
Prompt: Divide et impera
Link: http://seraphsariel.livejournal.com/64077.html
Notes: I am such a sucker for mafia stories, even ones where I don't really know the background!

Author: singchristine
Fandom: The Phantom of the Opera
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: Passing
Link: http://singchristine.livejournal.com/23895.html
Notes: Brief, but lovely. I like the way the term "passing" is used in about three different and wholly unique ways in only a few paragraphs.

Author: welcometo_life
Fandom: Heroes
Community: sunday_reveries
Prompt: Picture Prompt
Link: http://ellectric-girl.livejournal.com/106927.html
Notes: I really like this nightmarish story, the transition between enemies and hurt friends (the last hurt friend being herself, of course) is effective! very disturbing!

Author: campjesus
Fandom: OC
Community: charloft
Prompt: Working for the man
Link: http://campjesus.livejournal.com/135617.html
Notes: The very clean-cut view of this world, the way that sexuality becomes a job for this character is brilliantly explored here. It's written in such a way that the character is not made pitiful, but you feel sympathy for her, nonetheless. Very well done!
Warnings: Explicit sexuality
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