November 13th, 2009

fic rec post

It's Fic Rec Friday!

I haven't made lunch yet and I'm hungry. Expect some food references.

Author: Jack Harkness | quitehomoerotic
Fandom: Torchwood / Doctor Who
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Nightmare
Link: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Notes: This is a brilliantly done one-shot of the "Turn Left" universe, without any part of you wondering if this is something Jack would do or how UNIT would react to his presence. There are wonderful little nooks and crannies (Like an English muffin!) where new and interesting plots could form. I love this, it's spectacular.

Author: The Master | endlessdrums
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Simple
Notes: Okay, yes, I know that "the Last of the Time Lords" was two years ago. I don't care. I am now and always will be craving more "Year that Never Was" fic like a fat kid craves cake. This is great, with a great blend of the physical and mental damage implied the Master inflicted on the Doctor. Wonderful!

Author: Thirteen | 13x_forever
Fandom: House, MD
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Safety Net
Notes: I treat the Foreman/Thirteen relationship in the same way I treat spinach. I don't care for it, but it's part of a healthy diet or something. So! This story is like a big happy handful of candy. I love love love Riley/Thirteen and their banter here makes me grin like whoa. Rock on, ladies.
Warnings: Spoilers for 6.03 'Epic Fail'

Author: Mike | shaman_x
Fandom: X-Men
Community: theatrical_muse
Prompt: Rain
Notes: There's very little this author can do wrong, in my opinion. They could make a lasagna with marshmallows and I'm sure I'd gobble it down happily. Here's a brief slice of a longer plot, beautifully constructed and wonderfully excecuted. There isn't a need for overhyping the tension in this situation, only a few words beautifully puts it out there. You really pick your days, Jean-Paul.

Author: Sam Tyler | illusionoflife
Fandom: Life on Mars
Community: justprompts
Prompt: What's the point?
Notes: Like the first time I tried rhubarb pie, this is a great surprise! I love fic that takes place during (spoiler spoiler spoiler) and it's awesome to read here. Sam's voice is spot-on, and I love the dream-like, stream-of-consiousness feel of the whole piece. Great!
Warnings: Spoilers for UK Life on Mars

Author: Hiro Nakamura | powered_otaku
Fandom: Heroes
Community: achanceto_dream
Prompt: Picture Prompt
Notes: I love dream fic. Okay, let me say that again. I love dream fic. So I'm so superexcited to read this lovely story (and find the community it's attached to). It's a lovely cake-like blend of horror and nostalgia, like any proper nightmare ought to be. Wonderful!

Author: Buffy Summers | cuzitswrong
Fandom: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Sacrosanct
Notes: This is lovely! A little vampire mystery sandwiched in between some wonderful Buffy-Giles time and a healthy heaping of religious curiosity. I don't think religion was ever properly tackled in Buffy, and it's nice to see some narrative curiosity about that topic. Brief, but lovely!

Author: Jim Kirk | kirk_it
Fandom: Star Trek
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Something strange in the neighborhood...
Notes: Okay, I'll admit it. I'm very prejudiced against genderswitched characters. I don't like them! But this Kirk is surprisingly fun and witty, retaining all of the male qualities of Kirk while still being female. Oh! And this story is just the cherry on top! Humorous in an almost classically-Star Trek-camp sort of way! Love it!

Gonna go make lunch now.