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It's Fic Rec Friday!

Author: salvagestime
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: muse_shuffle
Prompt: Survive and save
Link: http://salvagestime.livejournal.com/16764.html
Notes: This is one of the best stories by this author ever. It's dark and painful and still completely beautiful. It's not easy to have your character die, let alone keeping it in character and feel right.
Warning: Character death

Author: savagestime
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: museimagination
Prompt: Death
Link: http://savagestime.livejournal.com/31532.html
Notes: A reaction to salvagestime's character death ficlet, it's poetic and twisted and an absolutely perfect reaction to the former's story.
Warning: Character death

Author: brigadiertardis
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Flight
Link: http://brigadiertardis.livejournal.com/13929.html
Notes: This is painful and beautiful. I don't cry very often during stories, but I cried during this one. It's one of my favorite DW ficlets ever.
Warning: Character death

Author: handysparehand
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: fandom_muses
Prompt: Dead Wrong
Link: http://handysparehand.livejournal.com/14524.html
Notes: Very different from this author's usual style, with heavy dialogue and low internal monologue, but it's wonderfully done and perfectly in-character.

Author: ambitious_woman
Fandom: Doctor Who/RPF
Community: muses_inthesack
Prompt: Touch
Link: http://ambitious-woman.livejournal.com/96304.html
Notes: Second person ftw. Not only that, but the characterization in this is amazing. The sexuality in it feels right for this character, as does the darkness behind her and her actions. I am, as always, in awe.

Author: kingcreevy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Community: onapostcard
Prompt: Photo prompt
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/onapostcard/38408.html
Notes: I think it takes a very talented writer to say a lot in only a few words, and this one did it. I can see not only the world that he's written about (even without the picture), but the poignancy behind is fantastic.

Author: whatstheddx
Fandom: House MD
Community: justprompts
Prompt: Two Wrongs don't make a right.
Link: http://whatstheddx.livejournal.com/5223.html
Notes: The use of second person is flawless and I love the characterization of House and Thirteen in this. Beautifully done.

Classic Rec
Author: rescued_apuppy
Fandom: Angel The Series
Community: realmofthemuse
Prompt: Talk about a christmas party...
Link: http://rescued-apuppy.livejournal.com/8427.html
Notes: Still one of my favorites by this author. SO hilarious, so wonderfully in-character. I feel like Joss could've written this. I still read it when I need a good laugh. And, since we're slowing nearing the Christmas season, it's a good time to re-read!
Tags: special week: featured classic
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