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It's Fic Rec Friday!

Author: not_tindog
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: I'm not sure!
Prompt: OP, please assist!
Link: http://not-tindog.livejournal.com/16507.html
Notes: This is amazing. Twisted and creepy and brilliant. One of my favorites by this author.
Warnings: Explicit sexuality.

Author: hisplusone
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: mad_muses
Prompt: Scent and memory
Link: http://hisplusone.livejournal.com/36545.html
Notes: This is wonderfully done. The descriptions used are brilliant!

Author: handysparehand
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: oncoming_storms
Prompt: Put your character into an episode they were not in
Link: http://handysparehand.livejournal.com/22380.html#cutid1
Notes: Is there anything this author can't do? This is wonderfully done, shaping a character that was decidedly cardboard in canon into this robust, fascinating person. Love it.
Warnings: Spoilers for 5.00, "The Next Doctor".

Author: brigadiertardis
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: couples_therapy
Prompt: Tension
Link: http://brigadiertardis.livejournal.com/16850.html
Notes: This is beautiful. The character here can easily be described as complicated, but this author makes her so much more. The use of repetition is phenomenal.

Author: shewalks_away
Fandom: Doctor Who
Community: justprompts
Prompt: It doesn't matter how you got here...
Link: http://shewalks-away.livejournal.com/1314.html
Notes: This is a brilliant companion to another brilliant story. I just love this author's abilities. Envy, love, same thing.

Author: senseofliberty
Fandom: OC
Community: couples_therapy
Prompt: 46.5
Link: http://senseofliberty.livejournal.com/127860.html
Notes: I don't know all of the RP relationships, but I do know that I love the way this is written and the voice behind them. It's wonderful!


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Jan. 10th, 2009 10:55 am (UTC)
Sadly, that's a "have sex with me" ficlet-meme response, not a comm thing, so it probably doesn't count, but thanks for the rec! :)
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